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January 1, 2011


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List of Useful Writing Blogs

Sat Jan 1, 2011, 8:07 PM
Top Bird

Don't forget to fave the news article for this list here!

:new: 08.02.2012 Oh look, shiny massive update of new writing blogs! Now including poetry and some other interesting bits and bobs, so scroll down and enjoy. I would have added more, but I would never have gotten any sleep at the rate I was going. Ahem. So I've been feeling the itch to post news articles on these writing blogs again, but I'm not sure whether there's enough interest for me to start doing them again. For anyone who's new to this list and what I used to do in the past, here's an example right here:… When I used to do them, I actually caught the attention of some of these bloggers on Twitter who thanked me personally for featuring them on deviantART, which was equally surprising and humbling for me. But it's you guys I'm more concerned about. Would you be interested if I did those articles again? Or are you happy to simply see a sporadically updated journal in your inbox as I add blogs and other things to it? Either way, I hope to keep this as a useful resource for any writer on deviantART. :) :new:

Writing blogs often have a great source of information about writing, reading and just literature in general. With a plethora of them on the internet, it's often hard to keep track of which ones to read on a regular basis. With this list, I hope to have collected a sample of the writing blogs that I've found quite useful as I've meandered around the internet (or in my case, mostly on Twitter). This list is by no means complete and can be modified from time to time.

Because the list can look intimidating and you're not sure where to start, I have decided starting from January 2011 to post a biweekly article spotlighting one of these writing blogs with links to three different articles that I've found most useful from them, as well as further links to stay in contact with those blogs. Keep an eye on that when it starts. :)

If you have a suggestion for a great writing blog that I haven't listed here, feel free to leave a comment on this journal and I will add it to the list. I hope you find this useful!

:police: Please note there can be a considerable overlap in content with some blogs; i.e some general writing blogs may contain creative writing advice and vice versa. I have only included blogs that are fully about creative writing in their own category, while those that have a mixture in the "General" category. Please keep that in mind.

Creative Writing Blogs
:bulletred:Seeing Creative
:bulletred:Dancing with Dragons is Hard on Your Shoes
:bulletred:Fiction Notes
:bulletred:Help! I need a Publisher
:new::bulletred:Nail Your Novel
:new::bulletred:Write Uncaged
:new::bulletred:The Sharp Angle
:new::bulletred:Kim's Craft Blog
:new::bulletred:The Write Practice
:new::bulletred:Romance University
:new::bulletred:Kill Zone: Insider Perspectives from thriller and mystery writers
:new::bulletred:Jody Hedlund
:new::bulletred:The Writers Alley
:new::bulletred:Inkygirl: An Illustrated Guide for Those who Write and Draw for Young People
:new::bulletred:Terrible Minds
:new::bulletred:Word Serve WaterCooler
:bulletred:Procrastinating Writers Blog
:bulletred:Writing Forward
:bulletred:The Bookshelf Muse
:bulletred:Writer Unboxed
:bulletred:The Character Therapist
:bulletred:Advanced Fiction Writing Blog
:bulletred:A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing
:bulletred:A. Victoria Mixon, Editor
:bulletred:Writing 101
:bulletred:Writing Fiction Right
:bulletred:Plot to Punctuation: Show some character!
:bulletred:Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors
:bulletred:Kristen Lamb's Blog
:bulletred:Mystery Writing is Murder
:bulletred:The Other Side of the Story
:bulletred:The Strangest Situation
:bulletred:Write Anything
:bulletred:The Blood-Red Pencil
:bulletred:Nouveau Writer
:bulletred:Linda Clare's Writing Tips

Poetry Blogs
:new::bulletorange:Harriet, the Poetry Foundation
:new::bulletorange:Silliman's Blog: A Weblog focused on contemporary poetry and poetics:
:new::bulletorange:How a Poem Happens
:new::bulletorange:dbqp: visual poetry, the textual imagination, and personal experience
:new::bulletorange:Poetic Asides
:new::bulletorange:Jeffrey Levine

General Writing Blogs
:new::bulletgreen:Quips and Tips to be Successful Writers
:new::bulletgreen:The Artist's Road
:new::bulletgreen:Courage 2 Create
:new::bulletgreen:Jeff Goins Writer
:new::bulletgreen:Alexis Grant: traveling Writer
:new::bulletgreen:Freelance Writing Jobs
:new::bulletgreen:Michael Hyatt
:new::bulletgreen:Writers Beware
:new::bulletgreen:Nathan Bransford
:new::bulletgreen:Making a Living Writing
:new::bulletgreen:A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
:new::bulletgreen:Red Lemon Club
:new::bulletgreen:Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
:new: :bulletgreen:Jane Friedman: Being Human at Electric Speed
:bulletgreen:Men With Pens
:bulletgreen:Explore Writing
:bulletgreen:Justine Larbalestier
:bulletgreen:The Creative Penn
:bulletgreen:Writing Tips Blog
:bulletgreen:Julia McCutchen
:bulletgreen:Adventures in Children's Publishing
:bulletgreen:Write to Done
:bulletgreen:Word Count: Freelancing in the Digital Age
:bulletgreen:The Book Designer- Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books
:bulletgreen:Write It Sideways
:bulletgreen:Confident Writing
:bulletgreen:Fuel Your Writing
:bulletgreen:The Urban muse
:bulletgreen:Quips and Tips for Successful Writers
:bulletgreen:Bibliophile Stalker
:bulletgreen:Literary Lab
:bulletgreen:Time to Write
:bulletgreen:Miss Snark, the literary agent

Screenwriting Blogs

:bulletwhite:Screenwriting Tricks for Authors
:bulletwhite:Go into the Story
:bulletwhite:Complications Ensue
:bulletwhite:Find more here!

Specific Genre Writing Blogs
:bulletblack:Adventures in YA and Children's Publishing

Writers Digest Blogs

:bulletpurple:Questions and Quandaries
:bulletpurple:There are No Rules
:bulletpurple:The Writer's Dig
:bulletpurple:Guide to Literary Agents

Editors/Queries/Literary Agent Blogs/Publishing-Related
:bulletblue: The Public Query Slushpile
:bulletblue:Query Shark
:bulletblue:The Book Deal: An Inside View into Publishing

Lists of Writing Blogs

:bulletpink:The Top 50 Australian blogs on writing
:bulletpink:Blogs for Writers
:new::bulletpink:Best Blogs for Writers to Read in 2012.
:new::bulletpink:Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs

Useful Writing Blogs Biweekly Articles

#1: The Creative Penn
#2: A. Victoria Mixon, Editor
#3: The Bookshelf Muse
#4: Storyfix
#5: Wordplay

Miscellaneous Need a better title, or probably need to put this in a new journal entry
:bulletyellow:37 Lectures Every Writer Should Listen To
:bulletyellow:Ten inspiring social networks for Writers
:bulletyellow:100 awesome blogs for history junkies
:bulletyellow:Six Sentences: What can you say in six sentences Oh look, a longer version of SixWordStories. :B
:bulletyellow:50 best Blogs for Creative Writing Students
:bulletyellow:Visual Thesaurus (Okay, not a blog, but a cool thesaurus that you unfortunately have to pay for, but it's fun to play around with the free trial you get at first.)

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This has been featured here! Have a great day! :love:
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julietcaesar Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, don't piggyback off me! =P Okay, I'm joking, feel free to pinch any relevant blogs that relate to publishing as well. :B I shall look forward to writing the articles. I'll see how many I can write up first before uni starts, so that I can just post them if time gets tight rather than losing too much time over them when I'm meant to be doing coursework. At least I hope to have enough back-up articles till the next break. :P

Also, I think you might enjoy this blog very much: [link] :B
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That's probably doable. Although don't go nuts trying to write ten million things, of course. =p

OH THIS LOOKS EXCELLENT. :squee: I literally just started flapping with excitement. I really ought to go to bed right about now (because I have to go to my internship in the morning ... ha), but I'm going to dig into this as soon as I can. Thanks for the awesome find! :D
julietcaesar Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha, I shall try my best not to!

"The straight dope on publishing from publishing's most feared figure: the intern." I think this should be your new introductory statement whenever you update your publishing resources.
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I might have to update my LinkedIn. :shifty:
LiliWrites Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'd love to see this kept up in any way at all. :) And might I suggest adding The Poetry Foundation's blog to the list? :D
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